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Giant Cock Ring Kit
These male essentials are for the stud who wants to perform to his maximum ability.

Includes 3 unique rubber cock rings, goats eye tickler and metal studded ring.

Great Value!
NZ$ 36.95
NZ$ 10.00
Magic Ring Set
2 assorted jelly rings in an handy gift box. 8 assorted types so each 2 pack may differ.
NZ$ 14.95 EA
NZ$ 4.00 EA
Mini Vibe Cock Ring
Silicone soft cock ring. Snug fit. Nubby sleeve. One touch vibration. Ultra soft silicone fits any and all sizes. Includes 2 sets of ready to use batteries!
NZ$ 19.95 EA
NZ$ 5.00 EA
Wittle Wabbit
Triple stimulator for you and him, multi speed adjuster for total control, you'll have ears of fun, with Wittle Wabbit.
NZ$ 24.95
NZ$ 8.00
ring of power
Achieve stronger ejaculations.

Super soft comfortable rubber.

Helps maintain erection even after ejaculation.
NZ$ 18.95
NZ$ 4.00
Jac-Off Silicone Pad
Jac-Off Silicone Pad
- Silicone Textured Pad
- Jelly Silicone
NZ$ 39.95
NZ$ 8.00



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