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Anal Lubricant Insertz
Moist Anal Lube is a friction-free, non-irritating, silky smooth personal lubricant that will turn your sexual encounters into delightful anal pleasures. This non-staining, water-based lube is easy to clean up and can be used on your favorite bed sheets without worries. It's latex and condom compatible, providing long-lasting slipperiness that never gets sticky.

These no-mess applicators make it easy to get your favorite lube or lotion to stay where you want it. The thin, extra-long tapered tips make application into the anus or vagina a breeze. They're smooth, easy to squeeze, and best of all, the resealable cap allows you to reuse the Insertz or save for later.
NZ$ 24.95
NZ$ 10.00
Love Kiss Strawberry Cream
●Highly lubricate,disinfect and kill the harmful bacteria ●Great for using on men or women to make the sex intercourse more smooth and lubricant ●Strawberry flavor can add more erotic fantansy 100ml
NZ$ 25.95
NZ$ 10.00
Sean Michaels Edge Thickening Cream
Edge Thickening Cream
Make it Porn Star Big!!! Get ready for a new sexual dimension with my secret formula for thicker, longer lasting erections. Apply liberally to the head and shaft of the penis and massage into the skin. You’ll be Porn Star HUGE in no time!
NZ$ 29.95
NZ$ 15.00



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