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  • Blow job Undies
    Blowjob Undies! The undies to pop it out! How convenient! No more fumbling around with awkward underwear ... Get straight down to it with these new, easy access, "Blow Job Undies".
    NZ$ 29.95
    NZ$ 3.00
  • Cock strap
    Cock strap

    Red Only
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Jock strap
    Light PVC with penis opening, back double cheek strap
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Love Potion No9
    Love Potion No9
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Red Satin
    Red Satin Styled Briefs with Fur Trim
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Red with black poker dots
    Red with black poker dots
    NZ$ 19.95
  • Your my No # 1
    Your my No # 1

    NZ$ 19.95



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