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    Flesh for Fantasy: Producing and Consuming Exotic Dance With a recent burst of feature films, documentaries, and books on strippers, the business of exotic dancing is hotter then ever. Over the last decade, there has been a steadily expanding interest in exotic dance, from its role as an art form to its benefits as a means of exercise. Egan, Frank, and Johnson explore the complex experiences of producing and consuming exotic dance. Their goal in this book is to move beyond stalemated debates about the victimization and empowerment of strippers. The essays here provide a firsthand look at the world of exotic dancing and strip bare workplace policies and conditions, legal restrictions, customer behaviour, and the persistent stereotypes associated with the profession. Author: R Danielle Egan, Katherine Frank, et al Published: 2006 Size: 210 x 140mm Pages: 234 Binding: Paperback Condition: Excellent this book is NOT Brand NEW
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  • Joys of Masturbation
    Showing all you ever wanted to know about the art, technique and enjoyment of masturbation. By Hans Richter. Detailing:- the use of toys and other objects from the past and present, anal arousal, gay and lesbian, male genitals, female genitals and a brief history of masturbation. This is more like a bible than a mere book!
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  • Oral Sex 101
    The ultimate guide to tongue teasing pleasures! Get smart and get sexy with great tips, tricks, fun games and ideas. A great companion to our love dice (code 2094). Well layed out for quick reference and easy reading, split into the following sections; - Did you know? - FAQ - Oral Sex Facts - Her Erogenous Zones - His Erogenous Zones - Oral Sex Games - Tip and Techniques Comes with 2 10ml flavoured lube sachets, 1 x cherry and 1 x mint.
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