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  • 6 Inch Krypton Stix Smooth Massager
    Watch out super man, there's a new toy in town smooth, shiny and ready to turn you on. These great massagers are perfect for those looking for non-penis shaped vibrators. Sure to delight all those in sexual distress! The bullet shaped Krypton Stick is sure to ignite your flame and transform you into a sexual hero all your own! A great entry level vibrator. Measuring approx. 15cm x 2.5cm. Uses 2 x AA size batteries, (not included).
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
  • Aqua Vee Vibe
    Aqua Vee Waterproof vibe. Multi speed. Pink as shown in picture.
    NZ$ 27.95 EA
    NZ$ 10.00 EA
  • Diamond Silk Studded Vibe
    Silky smooth and compact vibrator travels everywhere, even in the water, shower and spa - multispeed on/off dial concepts. Unscrew completely to replace the AA battery (not included).
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
    NZ$ 15.00 EA
  • Discretion Widebody Vibe
    Silky smooth tapered vibe travels everywhere even in the water, shower or spa...... Handsome aluminium base with six-inch nylon toggle. Twists on/off perfect speed. It unscrews to replace two 1.5v n batteries (included).
    NZ$ 29.95 EA
    NZ$ 10.00 EA
  • Gold Vibe
    Well Gold Finger ain't got nothing over this one! A nice classic vibe with the Midas touch, well you will feel gold after using this smooth plastic vibe! Comes with a hard plastic carry case for easy transportation or storage. Measures 16cm from base and 3cm wide. Includes and uses 2 x C size batteries.
    NZ$ 49.95 EA
  • Lady Finger - Our Smallest Vibe
    A perfect 5" vibrator for the first time user, multi speed ivory ribbed, exceptional value. Comes in white and Pink
    NZ$ 9.95 EA
    NZ$ 4.00 EA
  • Pearl Shine - Bone Alone
    Pearl Shine - Bone Alone (Lavender or blue)
    NZ$ 24.95
    NZ$ 10.00



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