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  • 4 Vibro Balls
    Simply insert in to your vagina or anus. These 4 stringed Vibro balls will go wherever you please.

    Then simply move your body for an ultimate sexual sensation

    Will put an endless smile on your face. Balls measure 3.5cm wide.
    NZ$ 33.95 EA
    NZ$ 18.00 EA
  • EZ Pleaser
    The EZ Egg is a powerful vibrating egg with a variable speed controller. It comes with a unique silicone removable sleeve with lots of little horny bump stimulators on the outside that add to the extremely powerful sensations that are sure to make you happy.
    NZ$ 34.95 EA
    NZ$ 10.00 EA
  • Micro Tingler
    This little love stick will take your breath away with its smooth surface and powerful vibrations. Its virtually noiseless too!
    NZ$ 39.95 EA
    NZ$ 10.00 EA
  • Mini Waterproof Love Bullet
    The classic mini vibrating bullets are now even better! Waterproof and wire free!

    This Adam and Eve Signature Series tiny 5cm long waterproof vibe has no wires, offering hands-free operation, as well as a strong single-speed vibration controlled by a simple black on/off button on the top.

    Batteries included!
    NZ$ 35.95
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Pleasure Pearls
    Pleasure pearls - Seduced by the Sea! These pleasure balls are perfectly weighted for your orgasmic ecstasy.

    They come in their own discrete clam shell styled storage case. You can use them at home or if you are feeling game put them in and where them out! You'll feel on top of the world all day long.

    Pearls measure approx 2cm in diameter.
    NZ$ 25.95
    NZ$ 10.00
  • Prolong Bullet
    Prolong extra long vibrating egg for deeper sensations.
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
    NZ$ 5.00 EA
  • Technobeat Rush Vibrator
    Multi-speed vibrating bullet completely controlled by a tiny microprocessor. The vibrator components can easily be manipulated to give you an ultimate deep and penetrating orgasm.
    With light functions light indicator for the five vibrating Rhythms and ten Accelerating Speeds.
    - Vibrate
    - Pulsate
    - Climbing spurts
    - Pyramid Shooter
    NZ$ 89.95 EA
    NZ$ 25.00 EA
  • USB Erotic Ball
    It will nestle against your erogenous zones with waves of pleasure and bring you to a shuddering climax. When it begins to work, your body will know that it is just right!

    * This USB Erotic Ball is not only a sex toy, but also one great massage. But not for medical treatment.

    1.Massage human body for Shoulder, Thigh, Waist, Neck, back side, Feet and Hands, etc.
    2.One touch ON/OFF switch.
    3.Vibration speed : 3600 r.p.m
    4.USB power : 4.0 ~ 5.5V (150mA)
    5.Dimension : 85mm x 43mm
    6.Weight : 147g only.
    7.1.8 meters USB Cable.
    8.Enjoy massage in your car + Car to USB Adapter.
    NZ$ 45.95 EA
    NZ$ 15.00 EA
  • Vibratone Balls
    Double your sexual arousal. Insert into your vagina or anus and thrill to the constant, rolling movements of the plastic covered metal balls.
    NZ$ 14.95 EA
    NZ$ 5.00 EA
  • Vibratone Soft Balls
    Unisex soft balls. Double your sexual arousal. Internal steel balls for non stop movement. Soft nubby duo balls for thrilling sensations.
    NZ$ 19.95 EA
    NZ$ 5.00 EA



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